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I am busy writing and planning for series two at the moment. I have to admit – some of my research needs a trigger warning. 

I can find myself getting caught up in a merry-go-round of emotion: “”Should I” vs “shouldn’t I”; “Too much info” vs “silence is the problem”. I promised myself this podcast would be as honest as possible without damaging my mental health, that line is a difficult one to judge.

Some of you have given feedback on what you’d like to hear on the podcast – and what you’d like less of – Thank You for sharing your thoughts, it is really helpful. 

If you want to be part of the podcast, to share your story or feedback, just get in touch via the contact page; email or via social media DM. I also have a new voice-notes option where you can record messages which I may feature in series two.

Now – back to the research…


Published by Trying Again Podcast

The Trying Again podcast shares honest, brave and true stories, thoughts and insights into the usually silent world of miscarriage.

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