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Series Two

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S2.2 / EP17: Miscarriage triggers Trying Again Podcast

Episode 2.1 / 16 : Food and Miscarriage

Exploring food, nutrition and miscarriage. Featuring Dietitian and nutritionist’s Anita Beckwith and Ruth Harvey and Kate Marsh, Midwifery manager at Tommy’s.

With expert advice and a free downloadable PDF called: Eat Well – Nutrition guide to support recovery from pregnancy and baby loss.

Hosted, produced and edited by Rachael Smith.

For some, there may be triggers. Click here for help and support.

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Episode 2.2 / 17 : Miscarriage triggers

Taking a look at the ‘ugly feelings’ surrounding miscarriage with the award-winning duo, Bex and Laura from The Worst Girl Gang Ever podcast.

This episode discusses pregnancy, there is some bad language and for some there maybe triggers.

Hosted, produced and edited by Rachael Smith.

Instagram posts are read by actors: Andrea Richardson, Margaret Ashley and Rachel Crosby.

There’s links to help available on

Follow on social using @TryingAgainPod.

S2.2 / EP17: Miscarriage triggers Trying Again Podcast

  1. S2.2 / EP17: Miscarriage triggers
  2. S2.1 / EP16: Food and Miscarriage
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  4. EP15: Toll of miscarriage
  5. EP14: Trying Again Podcast reflection (S1)
  6. EP13: Guided meditation for miscarriage
  7. EP12: Mental health support and miscarriage
  8. EP11: Couples and miscarriage
  9. EP10: Men and miscarriage
  10. EP09: Miscarriage and our mental health
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