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I read all emails, comments and stories. Some stories may fit episode themes I am working on and others may suit a listener story on the podcast.

If it is a listener story – I’ll get in touch to share what I’ll need from you for the episode. How you tell your story is up to you. It could be a poem or spoken word. You may wish to remain anonymous and write down your story for an actor to read.

Whilst I will try to feature as many of your stories as I can, I may not be able to feature them all. I may also need to edit your story to fit the podcast theme and tone.

The Trying Again podcast is a non-for-profit project. I am interested in your personal story of miscarriage; miscarriage support or trying again after miscarriage.

If you have any questions or want to get involved, fill out the contact form or email

Record a voice note

If you want to record a voice note to ask a question, leave a comment or to share your story, then you can record it via Speakpike.

If you have headphones with a microphone it may help with the sound quality, if not a built in microphone is all you will need.

Once you’re happy with the recording, email it through at and I may feature it in a future episode.

Support the podcast

Leaving a rating or review on your podcast provider helps the Trying Again Podcast. By sharing a rating it helps other people find it. You can do this online or on your mobile. If you do leave a rating or review, Thank You, it really will help to share this podcast with people who may want or need it.

Really honest podcast, So relatable to anyone experiencing miscarriage, really enjoying the episodes. Thank you for sharing.


I just wanted to reach out and say thank you so much for your podcast and your openness. It means the world to feel less alone and I know will help so many going through this.


Not a easy topic to talk about. Love hearing the stories of the brave people willing to share them!

Tremendously helpful knowing I’m not alone! THANK YOU!!


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