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I am very exited to tell you that I will be sharing a special pre-released episode of the Trying Again podcast as part of Podbean’s Podcast Wellness Week.

It a first for Podbean and me!

Podcast Wellness Week will also feature daily exclusive livestreams with world-renowned wellness experts – the line-up is impressive. It includes Hollywood Veteran and founder of The Inner Fitness Project, Tina Lifford, John Gray, author of “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus”, 6th generation shaman, author and host of Ancient Wisdom Today podcast, Shaman Durek, wellness influencer and founder of Philosophie superfoods Sophie Jaffe and therapist and author Dr. Adi Jaffe of IGNTD podcast, along with therapist and author, Kati Morton of Ask Kati Anything podcast!  

The event also features two daily live-streamed panels discussing mental health, sleep, meditation, positive mindset, fitness and nutrition with well-known wellness podcasters, along with daily meditations. Check out the full schedule here.

The panels will be livestreamed for free on Podbean via your browser and the Podbean App. You can also purchase a full pass for $25 to replay recordings of all the sessions at your convenience and access bonus content. 

I am very happy to have an episode in the line-up in this week and to be able to collaborate with this community. Helping to do my bit to break the silence surrounding miscarriage.

Join me! 


Published by Trying Again Podcast

The Trying Again podcast shares honest, brave and true stories, thoughts and insights into the usually silent world of miscarriage.

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