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When I started this podcast I had no idea what to expect from the community surrounding this topic – nor what listeners it would have.

I am so pleased to share its hit a milestone of its first 1,000 listeners. I also had my first comments and the podcast was listed on the “Top Podcasts in Parenting” on Apple podcasts listings.

I have no idea how the algorithm works in Apple podcasts, nor do I know what to learn from my stats. What I can do is read what people are saying to me, what people are sharing and learn lessons from any comments.

It will sound cheesy I know: I just wanted to tell my story and help one person – and that one person got in touch on my Instagram feed. It was a private message that I will obviously keep private but I will say it was also a Thank You message and that made me smile.

The podcast is a project of passion, that and this blog are my little area of the web to be me and share my story – the exploration is real, I am finding out things all the time and I think it is helping me and so it feels right to share what I am finding with someone.


Published by Trying Again Podcast

The Trying Again podcast shares honest, brave and true stories, thoughts and insights into the usually silent world of miscarriage.

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