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It’s the night before launch. How am I feeling (I hear you ask).

Well, it I am honest – and you must understand this podcast will be just that – I am feeling nervous. I have been writing, editing, planning and producing this podcast as a project of passion now for over a year and the thought that tomorrow – all I do is hit a button and then the world can hear it all. That is daunting.

It is also quite poetic that after all that’s gone, all it takes is a press of one little button “Publish”.

For many, this won’t be anything – I still am not sure who will listen. For me it’s a huge step both in my recovery and understanding of miscarriage and my exploration of this new world I am in because of them.

If you’re out on the social feeds you’ll have seen the clips I’ve posted. If you want to see them – here they are.

5… 4… 3… 2… 1….


Published by Trying Again Podcast

The Trying Again podcast shares honest, brave and true stories, thoughts and insights into the usually silent world of miscarriage.

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